Flaws of Imperfection

My flaws are the floors lined in boards of perfectly stained imperfections,

Sheltered by a roof of rough experiences and supported by the walls worn away slightly by the wars of life..

My draws are the dawn light glistening on the door of mundane existence,

Swinging on two rusted hinges and singing duet with a dead cassette; the blunt silence makes my ears bleed

My law is the lawn lush and greenest in all the land of pertly painted porches,

September’s Spring brings a smirk upon my face washing away June’s melancholic midnight rains

My core answered a call no chord, no card, no fee or charge just mind to heart,

simple not hard:

Like grains of sand beneath your feet you feel me,

Even though you can’t hear me or see me,

As long as my heart’s beating

I know that you are near me.

By iitszDEE